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Cyro Therapy

Application of extreme cold to damaged tissues or cancer cells can help restore your health. In the world of medicine, this is known as cyro therapy. Many people suffering from cancer has been known to use this form of treatment to help stop cancer cells from spreading to other areas of their bodies. To a certain extent, this has been to be effective in bringing the rate of relapse down to a bare minimum.

Even for people with injuries can use this cold treatment to heal themselves. Cyro treatment has been used, since 1960s, against skin tumors, precancerous skin moles, nodules, skin tags, retinoblastomas or even something as minor and non-life-threatening as freckles. With the advancement of technology, this cold treatment is recommended and used to treat prostate, liver and cervical cancer by medical practitioners. This cold treatment is often recommended when surgery is not advisable, is not an option or is impossible. Even as youíre reading this, studies are being carried out on the effectiveness of this form of treatment against other forms of cancers and injuries to the body.

Usage of this cancer healing method is also known to the world of sports injury recovery and healing.

Considering the kind of effect that cyro therapy has on dangerous cancer cells, you can be sure that it has a healing effect on sports injuries. Application of cold treatment is known to the sports world to help relax fatigued or stressed muscles after sessions of intense training or physical exertion. This often involves application of cold (sometimes not extremely cold) to sprained, strained, stressed, injured and fatigued muscles.

Cyro therapy works by killing off cells, blocking off blood supply, freezing and thawing of cells, in an effort to kill off the dangerous cells. It may sound dangerous and painful but this cold treatment does not usually involve extreme pain. There are reports of some mild discomfort, but it is often solved with mild medication. Imagine, if this freezing cure can eliminate cancer cells, it will do tons more for those with minor injuries and sporting sprains and strains.

Using alternative cancer healing process, there are many benefits. One of them is that the healing process is faster and thereís less pain and discomfort involved. And as we all know, non-surgical cancer healing is often preferred over surgical treatment. Patients using this cure are often discharged from hospital or sees results in half the time that would have been required when they use other types of methods. Of course, this cancer healing method is very much less traumatic than a surgical one and if given the alternative, most patients would prefer to use the cold treatment over conventional surgery anytime! Cyro therapy also results in no scar or very few quick-healing scars.

When you compare this method with surgical alternatives to other forms of treatments to the same kind of problem, there are very few risks involved, hence, it is extremely safe for patients to use this alternative to surgery comfortably and assuredly. Because of the level of safety, cyro therapy is often used to treat retinoblastoma, a childhood form of retina cancer.
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"I know Iíve found a new key to my post-ride recovery. After each ride, I take a recovery drink with me into the shower, clean off and then put the ice wraps on while I cook and eat."-- Phil Gaimon, 24, rides for Kenda Pro Cycling

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