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Foot Sprains

Foot sprains are extremely common injury in the world of athletics. As the heat goes up a notch or two during summer time, doctors often see a spike of foot sprains in athletes and sports enthusiasts. Although the Achilles tendon is easily injured or stressed, people need to know that they have to consult with a doctor when they are unable or have tried to take care of the problem on their own. in fact, when sports injuries extend over a prolonged period time, patients should always consult with their doctors to find out whether the problem will become an acute one in the future.

When you talk about foot sprains, you’re assuming that the ankle muscle is probably one of the smaller, if not the smallest, muscles in the body. But this is not true because the Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. The ankle muscle connects the calf to the heel, and because of the kind of activity that we usually go through on a daily basis, depending on the level of mobility, this Achilles tendon is easily injured. Hence, foot sprains are very common even for those who are not athletic or active in sports.

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For someone who is not very active, a sudden trauma, twisting or sprain of the legs can cause a tear in the ankle muscle. Either over-activity or long-term non-activity combined with sudden movement or suddenly intense level of exercise can cause an injury like this. For sportsmen, basketball players and tennis players often have this form of problem. The reason is because this problem is associated with someone jumping and then landing wrongly on his or her foot, causing trauma or a tear to the Achilles tendon. It happens, also, to those who jumps into the air and then landing with such force that the ankle muscle is not able to absorb the force of landing properly.

The symptoms and level of pain experienced by patients of this sports injury vary from person to person, depending on many different factors – one of them is age-related. Those who are more advanced in years may experience chronic aches and pain, Achilles tendonitis or mild inflammation, swelling and pain in the injury site. Suffice to say that those who are older may have chronic aches and pain to the ankle muscle due to a tear in the tendon when it could have been a mild sprain in younger patients.

The most effective treatment for this injury is to rest and completely stop using the leg. Go on a bed rest or use tools to prevent usage or avoid putting your body’s weight on the leg by using a crutch or wheelchair, if necessary. Placement of ice or cold treatment will work wonders on cooling off the injury site and encourage a more rapid healing process. Cold treatment or usage of ice packs will bring down swelling and prevent inflammation or aggravation of the sports injury.

Together with rest, application of ice pack and mild therapy can help speed up the healing of the foot sprain. While foot sprains are hardly life-threatening, it can be extremely inconvenient because it reduces or eliminates mobility of the patient. So, often times, a patient would want to resume normal activities as soon as possible. And this is what something as simple as rest, a bag of ice pack, and crutches can do for you.

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