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Sports Medicine

Because sportsmen and health-conscious individuals often obtain sports-related injuries in the course of training and competitions, there’s an area of medicine that deals completely with the kind of injuries that they are prone to. This area of medicine is called sports medicine.

Common sports injuries repeatedly fuel the research into finding better and more effective ways to eliminate or heal these injuries and the foray into sporting healthcare research has seen rapid improvements over the last few decades. Straining, spraining and overstressing of muscles, ligaments and tendons in sportsmen caused much worry in the industry and so far, mild complaints of fatigue, and overstressing has become less worrisome. Thanks to some of the more revolutionary findings in sporting healthcare research.

The most common sports injuries are caused by overuse of muscles, ligaments and joints without due rest given to those body parts when stressed. Continual exertion when there’s pain in the body part exacerbates the injury. In fact, in sports medicine, it is known that if there’s overuse, 48 hours of recovery is recommended regardless of the fitness level of that individual. In sporting healthcare research, it is found that when muscles are overstretched or overused, fibers and nerves are injured or disturbed and when they are injured, the non-injured muscles and ligaments are stretched even more because they are essentially taking over the work of the injured muscles and ligaments. So, you’re demanding the same level of work from fewer muscles, thereby, increasing the likelihood of further injury. It will usually take approximately 48 hours for those injured muscles to heal. Therefore, in the world of sports medicine, if someone has injured his or her muscles, he or she is advised to take at least 2 days off of any work that might overstress the injured muscles. If exercise is to continue, the patient should work on other parts of the body while waiting for the injured muscles to heal.

Experts in sports medicine recommend the hard-easy principle in training – there’s really no point in overexerting the body every hour of the day! To effectively train, if the sportsman undergoes extreme training one day, he or she should take an easy approach the next day. If the sportsman trains twice a day, he or she should relax the training intensity on the second training. This rule applies to every single sportsman in the world, with a special exception made for swimmers because the buoyancy of water protects their muscles and joints from the common sports injuries in other sports.

Studies in sports medicine reveals that muscles, tendons and ligaments need to be well taken care of when they are injured. The injured muscles are too weak for intense exercise, bones can be weakened and joints can be damaged if proper care is not taken.

To avoid common sports injuries, warming up before activity/training, stretching and cooling down after training is absolutely essential. Experts and medical professionals agree that immediate treatment can help prevent more serious injuries to injured muscles. Sportsmen must rest their injured muscles, application of ice or cold packs are advisable to help ease the pain, swelling and hasten recovery. Compression and Elevation of the part of the body that is injured is also advisable.
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