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Physical Therapy Rehab

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation aims to prevent, diagnose and treat body impairments, particularly the muscles, bones, nerves and circulation. Through a series of treatment and education, such patients may well be fully restored to good health, and capacity for life. When you hear a medical professional talking about rehab, it most certainly means a prolonged period of rest and recuperation. Exercises, therapeutic modalities and customized treatment routines are tailored accordingly to the individualís needs, enhancing functionality, thereby also alleviating acute and chronic pains. Here, we shall take a closer look at three categories of patients, namely injured sportsmen, accident victims and the elderly, who require these treatments, and understand some of the modalities therapists have been using.

Due to rigorous and rough training demands, athletes often end up with injuries. Some of these swells subside quickly, are hence ignored, and thus becoming a possible future chronic ailment. Some of these injuries which are commonly ignored include arthritis, pulled ligaments and meniscus injury. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a typical rehab schedule. This is because each individualís body systems vary from one another, the impact and nature of injuries sustained may also differ, so a good therapist would customize their treatment accordingly. While it is of utmost importance to administer the right treatment as soon as possible on an injury, proper rehabilitation and follow-up care is also essential to eliminating the ailment more effectively in the long run. For example, athletes, such as footballers and golfers, often overstrain and injure their anterior cruciate ligament in their knees. Cold compression may help reduce the initial swelling but ultimately, the athlete must allow the knees a rest period with physical therapy in order to regain the capacity to perform high demand movements such as pivoting and sudden stops. Rest periods for such injuries may require as long as 3-4 months, and most people do not bother to go through the entire period of its hassles. For such injuries, patients usually have to wear a hinged knee brace to lessen the stress on the knees and thus gradually return to normal activities. Other treatments they may receive include stretching exercises like side-stepping and marching.

Individuals who are involved in accidents, be it motor cars or at work, may sustain and injure various parts of their body. Most of them would require some level of aid to reconstruct functionality of the injured parts. For instance, a worker whose fingers were severed by a grinding machine at work had to undergo surgery to put back his fingers. Subsequently, he had to go through months of exercises such as clasping soft balls or lifting small dumbbells, in order to regain the use of his hand. In more extreme cases where the limbs have to be substituted by artificial ones, prosthetic training is required for the patient to get accustomed with it and coordinate efficiently. A holistic therapist would also take into consideration the financial constraints of the patientís family and educate them about proper aftercare.

For individuals getting on in age, many suffer pains and ailments attributed to degenerative processes. We frequently hear complaints from old folks of rheumatism, arthritis and back aches. Such ailments can actually be alleviated through therapeutic modalities planned and recommended by therapists. Individuals with knees that are overstressed, by their body weight or prior athletic injuries, may utilize aquatic therapy to stretch out. The increased buoyancy and lightness in a swimming pool enables individuals to move around and this benefits their bid to regain mobility. Patients who constantly suffer from muscle or joint aches may consider using heat or ice therapy to reduce the pain.

Rehabilitation has been shown to be one of the most cost-effective and result-oriented treatment procedures for injuries, pains and swells. However, it should be noted in advance that time and patience is greatly required to go through the entire process, or the efforts might well go to waste.
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