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Reduce Swelling

Swelling involves the enlargement of organs, skin, or other body structures. It is caused by excessive buildup of fluid in the soft tissues. Many conditions, such as fractures or sprains, may cause such lumpy soreness on us, and there are as many ways to lessen the swelling as there are the conditions that cause them. Here is some information about some of the more popular approaches and remedies available. Fundamentally, these bruises are only surface symptoms of the underlying causation and it is important to note that minimizing the pain and sore is only the initial step to take, and proper aftercare and treatment must be accurately administered to ensure an optimized recovery.

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Parts of the body may be bruised in response to injury, inflammation or sickness, or because of an underlying fibrous lump. There are various conditions that may invoke lumps as one of its symptoms. Some of these include cyst growth, swollen lymph nodes, tumors and cancer. Generally, the lumps obstruct normal circulation of body fluids and bruises thus arise.

Swelling can also occur if the body is not circulating fluid sufficiently well enough, especially the ankle region. Generalized soreness from fluid retention is called edema. Edema commonly refers to "bloating" symptoms from conditions such as premenstrual symptoms, pregnancy, liver failure and thyroid. These "bloated" sensations can occur in various areas such as abdomen and joints.

However, one of the most common, and often most painful, causes is injury or inflammation to the muscles, tissues or bones. We frequently experience such strains and sprains in accidents, and from sports. When the joints or ligaments are injured, for example being shoulder tendonitis or tennis elbows, blood flow in that area becomes constricted and forms a lumpy bruise on the localized area. The approach for treatment may differ across different therapists. Basically however, the first step is usually to subdue the swelling. Cold compress treatments are usually applied on acute injuries immediately after. For instance, we often see basketball players icing their ankles or knees when they sustain impact. Heat therapy is conventionally more recommended for chronic sores such as arthritis or pregnancy cramps. Heat can allow for better blood circulation while ice allows contraction in the injured tissues and reduce the immediate bruises. Both approaches should be done in moderation and due consideration given to any other conditions the individual may have, such as high blood pressure, and avoid complications.

Wraps that efficiently cater to such needs on various body parts are widely available commercially although there are many people who also suggest alternative sources such as boiled eggs wrapped with a piece of cloth, or a packet of peas from the frozen food section. While these alternative sources are usually more economical and are able to double up secondarily as food supplement, it is difficult to control their desired temperature and sustenance. Commercial wraps are also better designed for body contours and provide a safe and secured support.

One of the quickest remedy for such pain relief is prescribed medication such as Motrin. They effectively minimize the painful sensations and are anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammation medication has, however, its drawbacks. Patients usually experience stomach irritations, which may lead to bleeding ulcers.

Therefore, it is evident the myriad of remedies in the market can effectively minimize the sore pain and reduce swelling pretty quickly. But selection of remedy must cater correctly to the cause of the bruises, as conventional therapies such as cooling wraps may not be suitable for certain causes such as cancer or thyroid. Any type of swelling symptom needs prompt professional medical diagnosis and advice.

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