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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As serious as the condition sounds, the carpal tunnel syndrome is a relatively common problem everywhere in the world. In fact, 1 out of every 100 people will experience the pain in the wrist, which is what this syndrome is essentially about. However, the extent of their pain and injury varies tremendously. The condition is more common in women than in men, it is found.

The carpal tunnel syndrome is a kind of pain that is felt on the inside of your wrist. The cause of such wrist pain is unclear and as the experts debate on this issue, we can narrow down the cause of this syndrome to occupation, age and lifestyle. As you may have noted, there is only a small number of patients who are in their teens of twenties. Abrupt movement of the wrist or hand during sporting activities or during work can bring about wrist pain.

As painful as it is, most of the time, it is not dangerous. The carpal tunnel syndrome will usually disappear when the patient stops the activity, gives the wrist or hand a complete rest, or in other words, stops all activities that places undue stress to the hand, wrist, fingers and palm. In fact, you might even find the wrist pain dissolving itself when you change the way you use your hands and wrists.

The hand joint area is a kind of roof that is formed on top of the bones (that are in a semi-circle) around your wrists. The roof forms a kind of tunnel over those bones, muscles, tissues, tendons and nerves at the base of the wrists. There isnít much room to move within the hand joint area, therefore, when thereís swelling within the area, the swelling will press upon the nerves, hence, causing mild to severe pain.

The reason why the carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in women is because activities like knitting, typing, using small tools, gardening, writing, drawing can strain or stress out the wrist, fingers, hands or palm. These mild but repetitive movements can cause swelling around the hand joint area, and pressure is placed on the nerves.

People who have previous wrist injuries may also be more susceptible to this form of wrist pain; for example, if the wrist has been sprained or broken before during sporting activities or when one is working. The carpal tunnel syndrome may also be caused by rheumatoid arthritis or when there is an excessive supply of acromegaly, a kind of growth hormone in the patient.

Unfortunately, those who experience wrist pain may need to take caution because it could be an indication of other more serious or life-threatening health problems like kidney failure, diabetes or underactive thyroid. Some women complain of pain in the wrists too during their menstrual cycle or during their pregnancy. The reason for this is because it is during pregnancy and menstrual cycle that water retention is high. When water retention is high, bones and tissues at the base of the wrists swells up and presses against the nerves in the area.

The condition is also a common complaint among overweight people, people undergoing menopause and for pregnant women. In fact, there is a rising number of women complaining of pain around the wrist area because they take contraceptive pills.

Take heed, however, that the syndrome can sometimes arise for no reason whatsoever. For the best advice, please visit your family doctor or your medical practitioner. We recommend using Cold One Ice Wraps to treat the discomfort.
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