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Ankle Swelling

A major cause of most injuries leading to ankle swelling can be attributed to sports. Though many cases of odema arise due to a slip, twisted ankle during walking, sudden turns etc, ankle swelling is widespread from childhood to old age. Several treatments have evolved over time such as hot and cold therapy, ankle ice wraps, localized ice packs, elastic bands or ankle caps, and ointments that are still a popular mode of getting relief from acute ankle swelling due to injuries. Medication practices vary but it is now popularly believed that ice therapy or ice pack application helps much more in relieving pain and discomfort, than all the other methods. In fact, a judicious and medically sound practice would be to combine specific treatments for the best results. The adage "keep your feet warm and head cool" needs to have a variant in cases of ankle swelling in as much as, keeping your ankle cold will also help you keep your head cool! And you can virtually say "what a relief"!

It is a common myth that heat alleviates all discomfort due to injuries! In cases of acute ankle swelling, this is never advisable as the injured tissue does not take too kindly to heat treatment. Remember that hot therapy is generally prescribed by good medical professionals in only cases like arthritis, mild muscular stress, minor sprains without ligament damage etc. Therefore the widely acknowledged rest, ice, compress, elevate or RICE methodology is generally applied in a majority of ankle swelling instances. One must always read details of this procedure that is available on many websites and with almost all orthopedic surgeons.

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Many people say that we should institute a habit of safety and all accidents are through human error that can be avoided! Philosophy such as this is very useful in planning all your activities though application quite difficult when it comes to analyzing basic human nature, excitement, happiness, sadness and other emotions that govern a major part of our lives. Knowledge of safe practices is good, but understanding of great medical procedures such as cold or ice therapy in the unlikely event of an injury, including ankle swelling or ankle sprain - still better!

Any form of discomfort in the ankle results in effecting our natural gait. In case of sportspersons, this can vastly affect their performance for some time to come or even disqualify them from competing. All types of athletic injury and ankle swelling can be successfully treated by the use of properly designed medical ice wraps, ice packs, etc and several professional companies manufacturing ice therapy products impart useful knowledge on ice treatment to their customers on their websites. Always choose the best ankle ice wrap or ice pack for any ankle swelling problem you may unfortunately encounter. Furthermore, it is always advisable to keep the fact that ice therapy and cold therapy are two different aspects. Depending on the age factor, many practitioners will suggest one or the other method for ankle swelling cases. The former method is generally applied to the robust people of sound health as it is slightly more severe than the latter. Cold therapy is a more softer treatment for little children or frail elderly people. In short, you now have adequate alternative treatments using ice for all your ankle swelling problems to be over in no time!

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"I know Ive found a new key to my post-ride recovery. After each ride, I take a recovery drink with me into the shower, clean off and then put the ice wraps on while I cook and eat."-- Phil Gaimon, 24, rides for Kenda Pro Cycling

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