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Elbow Tendonitis

Elbow tendonitis is a kind of condition extremely common among sports enthusiasts. This is a kind of condition affects sports enthusiasts who regularly pursue sports like tennis or golf. Elbow tendonitis, although not life threatening can be very uncomfortable because our hands are very important limbs on our body. Having an injury will hamper our mobility or even render us unable to carry out our daily work efficiently.

For a start, we will need to learn how to protect that part of our hand if we want to continue to pursue the sport or lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The second step we need to take to know how to treat injury when it happens to hasten recovery and reduce discomfort. Perhaps, age has something to do with how regular we have pain in the arm – the older we are, the more often we will feel soreness in the hand area. With that said, younger people are not exempted from hand pain either. In fact, the younger we are, the more severe the soreness can be. The pain in the arm is more acute because the younger generation moves around more, and engages in more rigorous activities throughout the day. Consistent stressing of the joint areas is one of the most common reasons of elbow tendonitis.

The reason why the younger generation is more susceptible to hand pain is because the young uses the muscles in the body more. Tendons are structures that are found on both sides of the muscles. The tendons attach the muscles to the bones. When the muscles are overused or stressed, the tendons become inflamed or irritated. Hence,elbow tendonitis results. Sometimes, active use of the wrist and hand can cause this condition. The ligament on the elbow is attached to the muscles and ligaments around the wrist – therefore, rigorous use of the hand might cause throbbing in the arm.

Elbow tendonitis is sometimes called the ‘tennis elbow’ but this condition is not limited to tennis players alone. Anyone who forcefully uses his/her wrist or hand can cause inflammation or injury. Soreness of this nature is quite easy to treat but if it persists and is left untreated for a long period of time, the ligaments around the muscle may become weaker. Joint pain of this kind could result in tearing and it may or may not be correctable later on.

Hence, we encourage early treatment to help rehabilitation. The purpose of rehabilitation of the hand area is to reduce the joint pain, increase flexibility and most important of all, to restore function of the arm. Together with rest and proper rehabilitation program recommended by your physician, a patient injury to the tendons must use products or tools that can help relieve the pain and speed up recovery. Stretching exercises is recommended although strengthening exercises are not recommended until the tendons become less inflamed.

Patients with throbbing in the arm can usually function as normal but with the help of tools and products like the Cool One Elbow Wrap and the Elite-Kold Wrist/Elbow wrap. They help relieve the pain of elbow tendonitis significantly and have been proven to hasten up the recuperation process.
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"I know I’ve found a new key to my post-ride recovery. After each ride, I take a recovery drink with me into the shower, clean off and then put the ice wraps on while I cook and eat."-- Phil Gaimon, 24, rides for Kenda Pro Cycling

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