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Tendonitis Treatment

When an injured tendon is delicate, it’s important to let the muscle take a short break from forceful or rigorous activities. This is a very important and basic rule to tendonitis treatment. In fact, if you visit your doctor, the first thing he/she will tell you is to take a rest and let the muscle heal.

As part and parcel of your tendonitis treatment plan, you should try other activities, if you have to keep up with your training or exercise. Just because you have to let your muscle heal doesn’t mean that you have to be confined to your bed all the time. This is not necessary, and in fact, is not recommended. Even doctors will advice you to use your body as much as possible. The only difference is that you should take care not to exert yourself or strain the tendon that is already injured too much, too soon. Refraining from all activities or exercise might cause you to be depressed and resent your injury, which is, in turn, unhealthy for you emotionally and psychologically. The only way to exercise and yet give your tendonitis treatment priority is to engage in a less rigorous activity. A good example would be this: if you’re a runner, try swimming.

Apart from resting the tendon and letting the muscle heal, you can apply some nonsteriodical anti-inflammatory medications that you can get off the shelves without too much trouble. These nonstreroidical anti-inflammatory medications are extremely useful in treating the inflammation and also reducing the pain that is linked to tendonitis. Use of these medications are usually quite safe and don’t require prescription from your doctor, however, it is best to consult with your doctor before you start using the nonsteroidical anti-inflammatory medications. Most of the time, there are no side effects related to usage of these medications, however, there are people who have reported to suffer from stomach upset and bleeding problems. If there’s no sign of healing of the injured tendon, then you should consult with your doctor to see if steroid injections is a possible alternative.

External tendonitis treatment has a very high success rate for helping the torn or inflamed muscle heal. For example, one of the best ways is to apply ice or cold pack to the injury site. Applying cold packs to the site of injury has become very convenient and extremely affordable. For instance, there are ice wraps for the shoulder, ice wraps for the knee, ice wraps for the wrist, ice wraps for the neck…etc. Usage of these ice wraps will not interfere will activities and some report rapid recovery just from using the cold packs itself, together with some mild medications for a short period of time.

Include more than just one method for your tendonitis treatment. For example, you can use alternative medicine, alternative treatments, a visit to the physical therapist or simply stretching and strengthening the limbs to help the muscle heal faster. Although tendonitis is not life threatening, it should not be taken too lightly either because in some cases, surgery to treat the injured tendon may be required. But usually, surgery is considered for this condition only if all other non-surgical methods have been exhausted.
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"I know I’ve found a new key to my post-ride recovery. After each ride, I take a recovery drink with me into the shower, clean off and then put the ice wraps on while I cook and eat."-- Phil Gaimon, 24, rides for Kenda Pro Cycling

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