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Elte*Kold Common Questions Cold Therapy Products

Elte*Kold Common Questions
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Product Description

Since 1986, Elite-Kold has demonstrated its commitment to improving cryotherapeutic modalities, and its skill at providing products carefully tailored to the needs of its customers. Elite-Kold has become the major cold therapy company by single-mindedly devoting its resources solely to cryotherapy.

Unlike some other large companies that offer cryotherapy devices as a sideline, Elite-Kold only pursues cold therapy, and thus takes cryotherapy research and product development with the seriousness the subject deserves. Elite-Kold has developed a fine reputation among customers seeking quality products at reasonable prices.

Elite-Kold continues to explore new means of providing cryotherapy, with an expanding line of cold therapy products that include new athletic wraps, consumer wraps, as well as equine wraps.

Elite-Kold Products:

- Use non-toxic pillows of purified water with USDA approved, food-grade freezing agents as the basic cold modality.

- Are ergonomically designed with over 17 products conforming anatomically.

- Offer contact closures that make the wraps simple to apply with even, adjustable compression.

- Deliver up to 2 hours or more of "correct temperature" cold therapy.

- Keep you comfortable and dry while allowing mobility.

Elite*Kold Products

Elite*Kold Products are ideally suited for orthopedic application. Elite-Kold wraps effectively penetrates dressing to decrease pain, edema, and secondary hypoxic tissue injury. These effects contribute to your comfort and reduced disability time.

EliteKold products, with self-contained ice, allow you to be mobile during treatment. After applying 1-2 hours, the entire wrap is refrozen, then re-applied as needed during the initial recovery period. The EliteKold wrap is then used extensively during rehab and is available for long-term use as you resume normal activities.

EliteKold Reusable Ice Wraps feature ice mat (pillows of purified water with food-grade freezing agents) which are sewn into wraps using hook engageable, outer material and ripstop inner material designed to more quickly transfer cold.

Product Profile: EliteKold Products:

Ten anatomically designed wraps comprise the original EliteKold line of products. These products feature ice mat (pillows of purified water with food-grade feezing agents) which are sewn into wraps using hook engageable, outer material and a ripstop inner fabric designed to quickly transfer cold. In addition, there is a universal, consumer group of products which can be applied to a variety of locations and deliver sufficient cold therapy for bumps, bruises, strains and sprains.

The wraps can be refrozen and reused repeatedly without losing their effectiveness, which provides you with a cryotherapy device which can be used postsurgically, during rehabilitation, and thereafter when needed.

You can be mobile during treatment.

Product Profile: Elite-Kold Products:

There are seven Elite-Kold products. These products feature ice mat (pillows of purified water with food-grade feezing agents) which are sewn into wraps using hook engageable, outer material and a ripstop inner fabric designed to quickly transfer cold.

The Elite-Kold Vest has 10 pockets for ice mat inserts and is popular with mascots, hazardous material workers, and patients with muscular dystrophy or ectodermal dysplasia. All elastic straps are latex free and provide comfortable compression as desired.

You can be mobile while using the products.

Elite-Kold EquineProduct Profile:

Elite-Kold leg wraps for horses solve age-old problems of treating leg injuries. Prior to the introduction of Elite-Kold Reusable wraps, the only way to provide cold therapy was "hosing", buckets of ice, or a myriad of ways trainers and owners developed to reduce swelling and inflammation in horses legs.

The four Elite-Kold Equine wraps allow cold treatment to be delivered to any leg position without exposing the hoof to water. When frozen, the pillows of purified water melt in place, thereby providing uniform cold therapy up to two hours without trainer or owner involvement.

The wraps are contructed with hook engageable, nylon outer material and ripstop nylon inner fabric and are pocketed.

Elite-Kold inserts are frozen separately and placed in the pockets which can be refrozen and used again and again. Each wrap has three elastic straps to provide compression and to keep the wrap in place.

Magnet inserts are also available which fit into the wrap pockets when magnetic therapy is appropriate.

About Cryotherapy:

Cold Compression therapy is a proven method to aid in mending injuries and speed postoperative healing.
The body reacts to any soft-tissue trauma, whether due to injury or surgery, by initiating the first stage of healing known as the inflammatory response. Immediately the blood vessels that have been traumatized begin to hemorrhage. At the same time, the traumatized cells release enzymes and proteins which (1) activate local pain receptors; (2) increase the permeability at the blood vessel walls; (3) attract immune chemicals and cells to the site via a rush of fluids which begin to accumulate and thus create edema (swelling). The excess fluid floods the site and separates healthy cells in the vicinity from their oxygen source. As a result, many healthy cells suffer secondary tissue damage called "hypoxic injury" which can cause more cell destruction and edema than the original trauma.

Cryotherapy breaks this cycle and dramatically decreases the tissue loss from hypoxic injury. It accomplishes that by reducing the metabolic activity of the still-healthy cells. By requiring less oxygen, the volume of fluid is reduced and edema is lessened.

To Summarize, Cryotherapy:
(1) Produces anesthesia by decreasing nerve conduction velocity, thereby reducing pain and the use of narcotics.
(2) Decreases secondary hypoxic injury by decreasing the metabolic demands of surrounding tissue cells.
(3) Decreases edema by limiting fluid infiltration in the area.

Our Customers Say ...

"I know Ive found a new key to my post-ride recovery. After each ride, I take a recovery drink with me into the shower, clean off and then put the ice wraps on while I cook and eat."-- Phil Gaimon, 24, rides for Kenda Pro Cycling

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