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Ice Bandana (Blue) by Icy-Cools
Cold Wrap
Ice Bandana (Blue) by Icy-CoolsIce Bandana (Blue) by Icy-CoolsIce Bandana (Blue) by Icy-CoolsIce Bandana (Blue) by Icy-CoolsIce Bandana (Blue) by Icy-Cools
Our Customers Say ...

      "I know Ive found a new key to my post-ride recovery. After each ride, I take a recovery drink with me into the shower, clean off and then put the ice wraps on while I cook and eat."-- Phil Gaimon, 24, rides for Kenda Pro Cycling

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Ice Bandana (Blue) by Icy-Cools

Neoprene/Terry Cloth Bandanna with Reusable Ice Snake?

Item # ICE-IC-Blue-56000
Price: $14.00ON SALE $9.99(Save 29%)
Rating: 4 Stars
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Replacement Mat for ICE Bandana (2 pack)
Replacement Mat for ICE Bandana (2 pack)
Price: $6.00$3.99
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Product Highlights
  • Great for Sports, Cooking, Hot Flashes or Anytime You Need Help Keeping Cool
  • Reusable Flexible Ice Inserts (Buy Extras for Longer Cooling)
  • Neoprene and Insulated Ice Snake Directs Cold to the Neck
  • Soft Terry Cloth Interior for Comfort
  • Provides 20 Minutes of Cold
  • No Messy Ice or Condensation
Weight & Dimensions
6 oz
Wrap is 2.5 x 15 inches long
Two 9 inch straps to help secure on neck
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Beat the dog days of summer - Ice Bandana! Keeps you cool and dry, no wetness, no stains.  Three cool colors for summer.

- Patent Pending Dry Cold Design with reusable ice insert

- Great for sports, walking, working, hiking, cooking, gardening and anytime!

- Ice Snake - Reusable flexible ice insert lasts 15-20 mins.

- Neoprene and Insulated Ice Snake direct cold to neck

- Swap with optional replacement mats for all day cooling

- Soft Terry Cloth interior for comfort

- Easy Tie Closure for securing bandana

Customer Reviews
3.9 (based on 23 reviews)
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Comfortable (15)
Cools the body down (1)
Cools you down (1)
Great fit (9)
Hold its temperature (8)
Lasts an hour (1)
Lightweight (1)
Provides pain relief (4)
Well made (9)
Does not hold its temperature (5)
Does not last long (1)
Does not stay cold long (1)
Have to tie around neck (1)
Needs to be wider (1)
Poor value (3)
Best Uses:
Cool down (1)
Cooling on 30 min walks (1)
Emergency (1)
Heat relief (1)
Migraine headache (1)
Minor injury (3)
Pain relief (3)
Post surgery (1)
Prevent injury (1)
To keep cool but (1)

Reviewer Profile: Athletic (5), Average person (1), Chef (1), Golfer (1), Health professional (3), HVAC worker (1), Outdoor person (1), Recently injured (1), Suffering from general pain (2),
Reviewed by 23 customers
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By Cindy
From San Diego, ca
On Octover 11, 2013
About Me: Athletic
Cons: Poor Value, Does not Hold its Temperature

Verified Reviewer
1.0 Waste of money
Would have returned the entire package ( bought two with refills) but didn't want to pay the 15 percent restocking fee. The product is not cold, is thick, and doesn't fit we'll around the neck.
BOTTOM LINE: Waste of money
By jan
From MA
On August 28, 2013
Pros: Hold its Temperature, Comfortable, Well Made, Great Fit, Provides Pain Relief

Verified Purchaser
5.0 wonderful item
Great item.Simple,easy.used for migraine headache relief
BOTTOM LINE: wonderful item
From Aurora, Illinois
On August 05, 2013
Pros: Hold its Temperature, Well Made, Provides Pain Relief, Comfortable

Verified Purchaser
5.0 Ice Bandana great use for hot flashes
This is great for my hot flashes! I even wear it on my neck at my desk at work! It curbs the flushing of my face and makes me feel better much sooner than without!
BOTTOM LINE: Ice Bandana great use for hot flashes
By nolabelle
From New Orleans, LA
On July 27, 2013
About Me: Average Person
Pros: Comfortable, Hold its Temperature, Great Fit

Verified Purchaser
5.0 Excellent Product
This keeps my core temperature down during daily 30 minute walks for exercise in 90F+ heat. The gel strip is still partially frozen after 30 minutes. Easy to use, comfortable to wear, easy to wash. I have no complaints. Just make sure the gel strip is inserted correctly into the sleeve: dimple side facing out, smooth side inward.
BOTTOM LINE: Excellent Product
By Mostlybogies
From Columbus, OH
On November 12, 2012
About Me: Athletic, Golfer
Pros: Great Fit, Well Made, Comfortable

Verified Purchaser
5.0 Great For Hot Weather Golf
I use this product on the golf course on very hot days. It works great as a cooler. I find that the bandanas last for about 4-6 holes on a very hot day. I freeze multiple bandanas and store the extras in a small cooler that I attach to my push cart. I then swap out the bandanas as I make my way around the course. I prefer the "Icy Bandana" to the "Frogg Toggs." The Icy Bandana is much more comfortable to wear and is much more effective at cooling.
BOTTOM LINE: Great For Hot Weather Golf
By tiger lily
From Fayetteville, Ar.
On November 12, 2012
About Me: Suffering from General Pain
Pros: Well Made, Provides Pain Relief, Great Fit, Comfortable, Hold its Temperature

Verified Purchaser
5.0 I would buy this product again and again
This product is so helpful for headaches, neck aches, for any ache actually. Liked so much bought several for myself. And purchased some for my kids and grandkids.
BOTTOM LINE: I would buy this product again and again
By Granny258
From Cambridge, MD
On July 05, 2012
About Me: Outdoor person
Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight
Cons: Have to tie around neck, Does not Hold its Temperature, Does not last long

Verified Purchaser
3.0 Comments on Ice Bandana
I like the material and the light weight. I am very hot blooded at this time in my life and I hoped it would stay colder longer. I even not an extra wrap and ice packs for my son who is a contractor. This would be good for a minor injury/burn or a minor pain. I have put it on at night for a minor headached and it worked OK.
BOTTOM LINE: Comments on Ice Bandana
By Cooler In The Kitchen
From Blairstown, NJ
On July 03, 2012
About Me: Chef
Pros: Comfortable, Cools the body down

Verified Reviewer
I work in a kitchen and recently we've had some heat waves where the kitchen is well over 100 degrees...I put this on and it makes a HUGE difference. I bought one for everyone that works in the kitchen and everyone loved it and couldn't believe what a difference it makes cooling the body down. Because it's so hot in the kitchen, the cooling packs melt after 1-1.5 hours, but I bought extra cooling packs and had them ready. I also gave one to a family memeber who has MS and can't be out in the heat for too long, she says it helps her a great deal! I'm going to tell my friends and I'm atually going to order more soon!!
By sandinmypockets
From nowhere oklahoma
On March 18, 2012
About Me: Recently Injured, Suffering from General Pain
Pros: Comfortable, Great Fit, Hold its Temperature, Provides Pain Relief, Well Made

Verified Purchaser
5.0 two different throat procedures
two different throat procedures that are greatly aided in healing by this device with a couple extra freezer packs. wears like a bandana but has tremendous therapeutic effect. Thank You!
BOTTOM LINE: two different throat procedures
By Dr. John
From Baton Rouge, LA
On August 16, 2011
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Needs to be wider, Does not Hold its Temperature, Poor Value

Verified Reviewer
2.0 Ice Bandana's Not Great
Great concept, but it needs to wider to hold more ice, plus use Velcro strap to attach around neck line. Hardly even felt the coolest while I worked outside in 95 degree heat...
BOTTOM LINE: Ice Bandana's Not Great
By Hatetoworkout
From Washington
On August 13, 2011
About Me: Athletic, Health Professional
Pros: Well Made, Great Fit, Comfortable, Hold its Temperature

Verified Purchaser
5.0 great way to work out hard and stay cool
Smart product, convenient, inexpensive, practical, and 1001 uses. I bought three, one for every member of the family.
BOTTOM LINE: great way to work out hard and stay cool
By Florida Golfer
From Naples, FL
On August 09, 2011
Pros: Great Fit, Comfortable
4.0 Icy-Cools for the Golfer
It was great for the first 6 holes. By then, it had melted in 90+ heat. The bandana was too tight to quickly refill with the extra ice mats I had brought in a cooler. So, I had to suffer with the heat rather than hold up the game while I struggled trying to refill the bandana. You'll need 2 0r 3 bandanas if you want coolness for a whole match.
BOTTOM LINE: Icy-Cools for the Golfer
By bikebaby
From Fremont, OH
On August 06, 2011
About Me: Health Professional
Cons: Does not stay cold long, Does not Hold its Temperature, Poor Value

Verified Reviewer
1.0 Ice Bandana
I use this product when it is hot in a clients home while doing housework. After one hour it is of no use to me, when I am there for two.
BOTTOM LINE: Ice Bandana
From Greenville, SC
On July 27, 2011
About Me: HVAC Worker
Pros: Well Made, Hold its Temperature, Cools you down, Lasts an hour, Great Fit, Comfortable

Verified Purchaser
5.0 HVAC Workers - these work great!
This is a great product! We have been looking for something to help my husband with the extreme heat he has to deal with on a daily basis in the attics, down South. They cool him down for an hour, then he replaces the melted strip with a new frozen one that he keeps in his cooler and he's back in business that easily. He has shared his extra bandana with co-workers so they can see the advantages to this product. Great Product, we will definitely be buying more!
BOTTOM LINE: HVAC Workers - these work great!
By Dave Sr.
From Tenn
On July 27, 2011
About Me: Athletic
Pros: Comfortable

Verified Purchaser
4.0 Yard Work
Well I got this product for my dad who does outside work. He almost had a heat stroke one day so I went online and found you guys. It keeps his internal body temp from getting to hot while he is working. So i like this product very well cause it helps him not end up in hosptial. thanks very much
By Yankee Golfer
From Port Orange, FL
On June 27, 2011
About Me: Athletic
Pros: Well Made, Comfortable
Cons: Does not Hold its Temperature

Verified Purchaser
2.0 Use Ice Cubes
The ice packs ( have three) don't hold up for more than 30 minutes in 90 degree Florida Golf conditions. Stuffing the bandana with ice cubes does the trick although your shirt will become wet from the ice melting.
BOTTOM LINE: Use Ice Cubes
By genie
From santa clara, CA
On June 13, 2011
About Me: Health Professional
Pros: Great Fit, Hold its Temperature, Well Made, Comfortable

Verified Purchaser
5.0 It works really well to keep me cool
I had used the neck wrap while walking, working and gardening. It stays cool for a few hours and just change the ice pack and its good to go.
BOTTOM LINE: It works really well to keep me cool
By Linda McGill
From Undisclosed
On August 12, 2010

Verified Purchaser
3.0 Ice bandana blue
I'm glad I bought back up ice inserts. The 1st dies in about 1 1/2 hrs and u put the back up in and the 1st one isn't ready. So I have a 3rd one again back up. Long time to re-freeze.
BOTTOM LINE: Ice bandana blue
By Randy
From Undisclosed
On July 05, 2010

Verified Purchaser
2.0 Icy Cools
The product lasted about 2 hours. You will need to buy a backup ice pack to get any length of time out of the product. Putting water on it makes it last a little longer.
By Donna Schoebel
From Undisclosed
On June 28, 2010

Verified Purchaser
5.0 Icy-Cools
I used the Icy-Cool with the frozen Mats and found that the 3 mats did not last throughout my evening 9 hole golf game. But, I used them again the following week and instead of the ice mats I used crushed ice in the Icy-Cool and only needed to add to the ice supply once throughout the round of golf! I like it so much better using the ice in the Icy-Cool! My MS makes the heat so intolerable I was counting on this device to help...and it really does when I used the ice! So if it doesn't seem to last long enough, try loading the Icy-Cool with ice instead of the frozen Mats it comes with!
By Vickie
From Undisclosed
On June 03, 2009
5.0 Bandanas
This is a neat idea. I tried the Ice Bandana here in Florida where it's already hot and it kept me cool while I mowed the lawn. The ice strips are easy to remove and refreeze and the bandana itself washed nicely. Thanks for a great iterm!
By Candice Wade
From Undisclosed
On May 18, 2009
3.0 Ice Bandana
I bought this for my son because he gets migraines brought on by heat. I like it and it does cool my son off...the only problem is it doesn't stay cold as long as i would like. If it stayed cold londer it would be perfect. But it really has helped him be able to go outside more during the day when it's hot.
BOTTOM LINE: Ice Bandana
By carol
From Undisclosed
On August 19, 2008
5.0 great product
very good product. I use it when i am walking in this hot and humid makes your body temp cooler
BOTTOM LINE: great product
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