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Arm Pain

Here you’ll find a list of common arm pain causes as well as options for left arm pain, right arm pain, and upper arm pain relief.

Arm Muscle Fatigue - Most arm pain can be attributed to muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue is typically brought on by the wear and tear of everyday activity, or by short term excessive use. Symptoms usually associated with muscle fatigue include soreness, outright pain, swelling, tenderness, weakness, and changes in color or temperature. These discomforts are felt directly on the muscle. Treatment for muscle fatigue starts with rest, ice, compression (bandage wrapping), and elevation. Recovery time is determined by one’s proactive approach, prior conditioning, and the degree to which the muscles have been worn. The arm pain relief is usually felt within one week.

Torn Bicep – A bicep tear is extremely painful and usually occurs while working out or performing another form of physical activity. The bicep is usually torn while it is fully extended and under extreme pressure. A bicep tear is most often recognizable immediately upon injury; you’ll typically feel a sharp pain in the bicep close to the elbow followed by immobility, throbbing, and eventually bruising. A tear a the top of your bicep cloer to your shoulder is rare and usually a result of arthritic changes to the body. Since a torn bicep is a serious injury, visit your doctor as soon as possible for treatment.

Heart Attack - There are some more serious causes for arm pain that should also be considered. Numbness and tingling in your left arm can be an early sign of a heart attack. This numb sensation may also be accompanied by occasional shooting pains down the arm, chest pain and nausea. If you experience these symptoms be sure to contact a medical professional immediately. The taking of an ibuprofen while experiencing these symptoms has also been shown to decrease the severity of heart attacks.

Peripheral Vascular Disease - Peripheral Vascular Disease (PAV) is a disease that limits the amount of blood reaching the peripheral arteries of the body, including the arms. Arm pain associated with peripheral vascular disease include; arm pain worse with light exercise and better with rest, arm coldness, arm numbness, arm discoloration (pale), and scaly arm skin. If you feel you may be suffering from suffering from such symptoms contact your doctor for professional diagnosis.

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